3D Visualization and Analysis Software for Industrial Inspection & NDT

Avizo® Fire provides powerful tools for visualizing and analyzing multi-modal 3D data. From defect/flaw detection and analysis, in-line inspection automation or single parts inspection, to performance and process evaluation, and materials characterization, Avizo Fire is used in many ways throughout all the research, design and development phases of materials or products.

Avizo Fire | 3D visualization and analysis software

Advanced software tools to support materials characterization, materials testing and analysis, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, defect/flaw detection and analysis, quality control, CFD visualization.

All-in-one software application:
Avizo Fire provides all the visualization and analysis features required at each stage of your prototyping, production and control processes:
• Multi-modal data processing (X-ray tomography, microscopy, ultrasonics,...)
• 3D data exploration
• Advanced image segmentation tools
• Quantification analysis and measurement
• Porosity characterization
• 3D image-based meshing for CFD and FEA simulation
• High-performance processing and visualization for very large data sets
• High-quality presentation and communication tools

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Extensible 3D analysis framework
More than just a ready-to-use software application, Avizo Fire is an extensible 3D analysis software framework that can be customized using the built-in scripting language and can be extended by developing custom add-ons and modules, to implement specific tasks and workflows.

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Tools for automating 3D digital parts inspection
Automate your processes of inspection data analysis, even at very throughput...
• Design and run inspection scenarios
• Perform advanced analyses
• Customize your workflow

Professional services

Our Professional Services team is available to increase your efficiency through training, consultancy and custom development covering the whole life cycle of your project: from software and hardware requirements, prototyping, migration assistance, to system deployment and even cooperative R&D.

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