3D Software Development Toolkit for Medical and Life Sciences applications

Open Inventor® is an object-oriented 3D graphics software toolkit for the development of professional interactive applications using C++, .NET or Java. Its easy-to-use API, its extensible architecture, and its large set of advanced components provide developers with a high-level platform for rapid prototyping and development of 3D graphics software applications for medical imaging, PACS, therapy and surgery planning, implant design, forensic medicine and bio-medical research.


High-level productivity

Open Inventor provides the power and functionality of OpenGL® at an object-oriented level. It avoids re-inventing the wheel using low-level programming:

  • Object-oriented API
  • Scene graph architecture
  • Extensive set of built-in components
  • Hundreds of ready-to-use classes


State-of-the-art volume visualization

Open Inventor delivers the most up-to-date 3D rendering techniques available and ensures that your application always benefits from the best 3D quality and performance

  • State-of-the-art 3D engine
  • Cutting-edge volume rendering
  • High image quality
  • Advanced support of meshes and grids
  • Automatically optimized rendering

Build advanced applications

Open Inventor provides unique high-performance capabilities that enable engineering teams to successfully address complex challenges:

  • Very large data management
  • Fusion of multiple data types
  • Interactive 3D remote visualization
  • Scalability to multi-displays/GPUs/CPUs
  • Integrated GPU-computing framework

More than a 3D toolkit

Using Open Inventor as your 3D foundation is proven to be the safe choice for all future-proof software applications development.

  • Unparalleled professional support and consulting
  • Customization, cooperative R&D
  • Active users community
  • Rich and flexible licensing model

The de-facto 3D standard

Open Inventor is the premier solution for high-level 3D programming in all types of medical applications and supports many customers ranging from manufacturers to software vendors and labs.

Whatever your visualization requirements are, Open Inventor saves you time and provides the features, performance and image quality you need to be successful.