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Qualitative and quantitative investigation of microstructures within porous rocks by using very high-resolution x-ray micro-CT imaging (Poster)

G. Zacher (1), Dr. M. Halisch (2), Th. Mayer (1), M. Faillace (1), P. Westenberger (3)
(1) GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies GmbH (Germany), (2) Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics (Germany), (3) FEI Visualization Sciences Group

SCA Symposium 2013, Nappa Valley, CA (USA), Sept 16-19, 2013.

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Correlating gas concentration polarization with microstructures of porous SOFC cathodes using Avizo XLab Hydro

D. Gostović (1,2), C. Wietholt (1), M. Marsh (1), N. Vito (2), K.S. Jones (2), E.D. Wachsman (3)
(1) FEI Company, Visualization Sciences Group, Hillsborough, OR (USA), (2) University of Florida, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Gainesville, FL (USA), (3) University of Maryland, Energy Research Center, College Park, MD (USA)

2013 APS/CNM/EMC Users Meeting, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL (USA), May 6-9, 2013.

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Avizo Fire for NDT in large-scale production (poster)

P. Westenberger
Visualization Sciences Group

4th International Symposium on NDT in Aerospace 2012,Augsburg, Germany. November 13-15, 2012.

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Fiber Orientation Visualization with Avizo Fire (Presentation)

P. Westenberger, P. Estrade, D. Lichau
Visualization Sciences Group

Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography (ICT) 2012, Wels, Austria. September 19-21, 2012.

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Estimation of Curvature from micro-CT Liquid-Liquid Displacement Studies with Pore Scale Resolution (Paper)

R. T. Armstrong (1), C. H. Pentland (1), S. Berg (1), J. Hummel (2), D. Lichau (2), L. Bernard (2)
(1) Shell Global Solutions International BV (The Netherlands), (2) Visualization Sciences Group

Society of Core Analysts (SCA) Symposium 2012, Aberdeen, UK. August 27-30, 2012.

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Micron to Millimeter Upscaling of Shale Rock Properties Based on 3D Imaging and Modeling (Platform Presentation)

S. Zhang (1), R.E. Klimentidis (2), P. Barthelemy (1)
(1) (1) Visualization Sciences Group, Burlington MA (USA), (2) ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co., Houston TX (USA)

Society of Core Analysts (SCA) Symposium 2012, Aberdeen, UK. August 27-30, 2012.

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Image Segmentation for Advanced Characterization of 3D FIB-SEM Reconstructions (Invited Talk)

Mike Marsh
Visualization Sciences Group

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2012 Meeting, Phoenix, USA. August 01, 2012.

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An Interface-based API for Mesh Visualization

Michael M. Heck (1), Pascal Doux (2), and Jean-Michel Godinaud (2)
(1) Visualization Sciences Group, Burlington MA (USA), (2) Visualization Sciences Group, Mérignac (France)

CAD Conference 2012, Niagara Falls, Canada. June 12, 2012.

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4D Tomography: Imaging of Microstructural Evolution in Fuel Cells using high-resolution x-ray tomography

F. Tariq (1), P.R. Shearing (2), R.S. Bradley (3), J. Gelb (4), P.J. Withers (3), and N.P. Brandon (1)
(1) Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Fuel Cell Science, Imperial College London, (2) Department of Chemical Engineering, University of College London, (3) Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility, School of Materials, University of Manchester, (4) Xradia Inc.

March 13, 2012

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From 3D images to simulations: Practical issues and software tools (Poster)

D. Lichau (1), S. Zhang (2), N. Combaret (1), F. Gamba (1), P. Barthelemy (2)
(1) Visualization Sciences Group, Mérignac (France, (2) Visualization Sciences Group, Burlington MA (USA)

International Conference on Flows and Mechanics in Natural Porous Media from Pore to Field Scale - Pore2Field 2011, IFPEN, Rueil Malmaison, France. November 16-18, 2011

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