Object-oriented 3D SDK

Accelerate your time to market
Open Inventor’s object-oriented interface and numerous built-in components allows for rapid application prototyping and development.
Open Inventor avoids to ‘re-invent the wheel’ and to re-implement rendering and scene management algorithms using low-level programming. So development teams will rapidly build functional prototypes and deploy profesional-grade 3D applications, while investing their resources in their specific domain expertise and innovation.

Object-oriented 3D API / Scenegraph

Open Inventor offers a comprehensive object-oriented set of more than 1300 ready-to-use classes integrated in a user-friendly framework for rapid development. The scene graph paradigm provides ready-to use graphics programming patterns and the truly object-oriented design encourages extensibility and customization to satisfy specific requirements.

Avoid low-level APIs

Don't re-invent the wheel. Using Open Inventor is fundamentally more productive as a result of being object-oriented, using good design patterns, automatically using all available features, automatically optimizing rendering and by implementing commonly used higher level functions so you don’t have to.

Maximum Flexibility

Open Inventor is a fully extensible platform and, unlike toolkits that hide the abstract hardware interface, Open Inventor still allows you
to call the lower level API directly if you need to. So any existing or custom code can be integrated into the OIV architecture. You can develop any ‘custom node’, ‘custom shader’ within the Open Inventor scene graph, and thus you can deploy this new framework while keeping all the benefits of your existing or proprietary developments.

Advanced development tools

The IvTune graphical utility is the definitive tool for prototyping and tuning 3D applications. Pluggable in any Open Inventor application, IvTune presents synchronized views of the scene graph: a 3D View, a Tree View, a node overview window, a field editor and a field watch. This allows for fast tuning and debugging at run time, and ideally complements the numerous code examples provided with Open Inventor for quick learning.

Platform-independent code

The Open Inventor cross-platform framework allows developers to design scalable and interactive 3D applications across the whole range of UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows systems. Resulting applications can be 100% source code compatible and only a recompilation is necessary to make it run on other platforms.

Technical Specifications
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