The High-performance Visualization Extension for Open InventorĀ®-based Applications

ScaleViz is a set of breakthrough technologies which implement distributed rendering on clusters and scene and image compositing to solve the most demanding requirements in visualizing very large data sets at interactive frame rates.

Tiled display

Display very high resolution images.
ScaleViz distributes and synchronizes 3D data processing on several nodes of a cluster, and let each node calculate a full resolution image of a part of the dataset. Then, it composes all rendered images together and allows display at extremely large resolution on logical display composed of many individual displays arranged in an array.

Tile compositing

Dramatically increase frame rate.
To visualize huge datasets, ScaleViz can also distribute the calculation to have each node of the cluster computing a part of the image at reduced resolution, compositing all parts together to get the full-resolution image displayed on a single client display.

Depth compositing

Distribute the 3D Scenegraph.
By distributing the scene graph so that each node loads and renders only a part of the 3D database, ScaleViz delivers even greater performance savings, especially for scenes comprising a very large number of polygons.

Remote application

Interactively visualize Gigabytes of data on a distant laptop computer!
Combining the distribution of 3D rendering with compositing capabilities and a unique high-level image compression method, ScaleViz fully implements the concept of 3D Visualization Server, and delivers one of the most advanced and flexible solution to remotely visualize and interact with gigabytes of 3D data.

Plug & Scale

ScaleViz' Plug-and-Scale concept enables you to (without changing your Open Inventor-based application code):

  • Display on very high resolution display arrays
  • Display x times faster at the same resolution
  • Visualize very large data sets which do not fit in the memory of a single computer
  • Drive immersive VR systems
  • Perform remote visualization from a distant computer
  • Perform parallel dynamic computation on your data while visualizing it

The ScaleViz extension is based on a distributed scene graph strategy. The application runs unchanged on the master node, and its scene graph is optimally distributed onto the slave nodes, where render agents (Open Inventor Render Units) manage the parallelized rendering of portions of the total image. The master node manages scene graph synchronization with compact serialization and synchronization of rendering. A communication layer based on MPI is included, allowing you to take advantage of various network types, from TCP/IP to InfiniBand®.

Remote visualization

Embedded in the ScaleViz software, the Remote Visualization engine allows users to view and interact with very large data sets from almost any client machine located almost anywhere. Distant users who need to access and visualize large data can take advantage of remote rendering to avoid bringing back data locally and overcome graphics limitations of their workstation or laptop. The ScaleViz-enabled data server generates images with high performance, and those images are transported efficiently across the network by remote rendering.

Easily make your application VR aware

Immersive VR systems with 3D interaction are the ultimate facilities for highly interactive applications. The Open Inventor toolkit helps you create, migrate, and cost-effectively maintain a VR-aware application.

ScaleViz takes care of display configurations, parallelized rendering, head-tracked visualization, 3D device events, and interaction with the scene. Through simple configuration files, ScaleViz can support multi-monitor desktops, panoramic and stereo displays, immersive workbenches, high-resolution image walls, and VR rooms.

Fully adaptative to resources

The high level of data synchronization, caching, and management enable ScaleViz to provide
unparalleled transparency for the best possible load balancing and scalability with any
available combination of CPU, GPU, channels, memory, storage, and network resources.
Simply add cluster nodes to multiply resources; no additional effort is required for user
interface integration deployment on arbitrary configurations.

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