Open Inventor® 9 available


VSG is pleased to announce that Open Inventor 9 C++, .NET and JAVA is now available for all platforms!

This new version of Open Inventor contains many new features targeting different advanced usages as well as numerous improvements of core features.

VolumeViz benefits from a brand new rendering engine using Raycasting and also from many essential performance enhancements.

MeshViz C++ 9.0 includes rendering enhancements for non-linear and polyhedral meshes, a new generic mesh type node, and dramatic performance enhancements for skin extraction tools.

Shaders & transparency management Avizo
Picking & shapes Avizo
Avizo 7 OIV 90 Picking
• Transparency management greatly improved
• Blending enabled for shader transparencies
• Shader cache for better interactivity
• Internal shaders now integrated as resources
• Different picking modes now provided
• Callback actions available for Primitives generation
• Rendering performance greatly improved for Points and Lines
New ivTune Extender API Avizo
CAD Readers improved Avizo
XLab Hydro OIV 90 CAD Readers

The ivTune utility is now an open framework:

  • Extend ivTune through a plug-in mechanism
  • Add custom user interfaces
  • Access services delivered by IvTune in any Open Inventor program
  • Use ivTune as a framework to write C++ Open Inventor programs


• CAD model hierarchy imported as is.
• Support Product/Part/Body/Lump/Shell/Face through node naming
• Edges and vertices can be imported
• Support multiple instances of same part
• New SoCadReaderInputParameters class to control the input parameters:

  • Tesselation quality
  • Import edge, faces, vertices
  • Merge edge, faces, vertices
New rendering engines
Editing, Geometry, Clipping
OIV Voxelized Rendering Avizo Green

• New Ray-Casting Rendering Mode

• New 'Sugar Cube' Voxelized Rendering Mode

• Multi-resolution management:

  • Now available at the GPU level
  • No more tile overlap - managed by GPU
  • Access any neighboring data even out of GPU
  • VolumeViz GLSL pipeline greatly enhanced
• Dynamically edit LDM multi-resolution volumes
  • Edit voxels inside a 3D closed surface, on a 2D surface with thickness, on a list of voxels
  • Save editings to user-defined data format
  • Support multiple undo/redos

• Volume Geometry:

  • Now supports projections
  • Better performance for animation
  • Loading priority enhancements

• Volume Clipping supported by all VolumeViz shapes

• Height Field renderer 2x performance enhancement


> Read the full Release Notes of Open Inventor 9.0: Open Inventor 9.0 Release Notes

> We encourage you to visit and to register on the Open Inventor Forum. You will have the opportunity to share experiences with other users, and to discuss with Open Inventor experts from VSG.

> All Open Inventor users who benefit from our Maintenance Service are going to be directly delivered with an electronic copy of their upgrade to Open Inventor 9.0.