Avizo® Standard

The 3D Analysis Software for Scientific Visualization

Avizo Standard offers a comprehensive feature-set which addresses all aspects of 3D scientific data visualization, processing, analysis, communication and presentation.

Scientific data import
  • Image import (DICOM, microscopy, stack of 2D slices)
  • Structured/unstructured grids
  • Support for procedural fields
  • Surface and volume meshes
  • Numerical simulation readers (Fluent®, FIDAP®, I-DEAS®, AVS®, HyperMesh®, plot3D®, Tecplot®)
  • Matlab (import/export, Surface export to Matlab)
  • SEG-Y for geosciences
  • CAD readers (IGES®, CATIA® 5, STEP®)
  • Crash simulation readers (Madymo®, Radioss®)
  • Geometry (DXF, STL, VRML, .iv...)
  • Time series
Scientific visualization
  • Scalar visualization: fast display of grids, isosurfaces, slicing (orthogonal or oblique), pseudo-coloring, splatting, plotting.
  • Vector visualization: vector plots in arbitrary slices, flow visualization (line integral convolution, stream surfaces, illuminated field lines, ribbon), stream lines with random seeds.
  • Tensor visualization: iconic visualization of tensor fields, eigen values extraction, rate of strain tensor computation.
Volume visualization
  • Volume rendering: Intuitive visualization of 3D image data, Interactive speed (2D/3D texture rendering, pixel shaders), Embedded geometry,Handles very large volumes up to hundreds of gigabytes.
  • Slicing: Orthogonal, oblique, curved, cylindrical.
  • Isosurface extraction: Fast extraction of surface identifying a given threshold.
Mesh & surface visualization
  • Surface and volume meshes
  • Structured/unstructured grids
  • Simplification & smoothing
  • Advanced surface simplifier and advanced surface editor (geometry data readers)
Segmentation and 3D model reconstruction
  • 3D surface reconstruction through segmentation: polygon mesh representing boundary faces, automatic (thresholding, interpolation, wrapping, snakes, correlation), interactive (2D/3D region growing, lasso, brush, intelligent scissors, morphological operators, 3D clipping, multi-view 3D operation.
  • 3D volume meshing: volumetric finite element grid (e.g., tetrahedra).
Matlab® bridge
  • CalculusMatlab module allows for connecting to a Matlab server and executing a Matlab script from an Avizo session
  • SaveSurfaceToMatlab module
  • Reader/Writer for Matlab file format (.mat)

Visualize to understand scientific data
  • Avizo is a versatile and flexible application framework providing powerful 3D visualization capabilities that help you more efficiently understand the meaning of scientific data.
  • For researchers and scientists, Avizo delivers advanced visualization techniques that allow you to gain detailed insight into your 3D data.
Import and explore
  • Import 2D / 3D images and 3D data seamlessly, including time series.
  • Instantly visualize volumes, reconstruct 3D geometries.
  • Display single or multiple datasets in a single or multiple viewer windows, and navigate freely around or through these objects.
Manipulate and simulate
  • Simple and efficient 3D image manipulation is possible through a variety of digital filters, editors, and data processing modules.
  • Integrate complex calculus using Matlab® software from The Mathworks, Inc. by means of the Calculus Matlab module. Connect to your Matlab server from your Avizo session and execute Matlab computations directly on your Avizo data. Import and export Matlab matrices to and from Avizo, and export Avizo surfaces to Matlab surfaces.
Present and communicate
  • Create high-quality presentations, animations, automated scripts.
  • Generate mono/stereo movies to display on VR systems.
  • Use 2D/3D export capabilities to share your project.