Avizo® Fire

3D Analysis Software for Materials Science

Avizo Fire offers a broad range of software tools for obtaining and visualizing advanced qualitative and quantitative information on material structure images.

For industrial tomography, crystallography, material microstructure evolution, modality inspection for nano-structure, non destructive testing and evaluation, core sample analysis and surface analysis, food analysis. Avizo Fire delivers the whole feature set allowing materials scientists to see the invisible, and to understand and present their data.

Image acquisition and processing
  • Data import from CT-scans, micro-tomography, PET, MRI, FIB, SEM, and microscopy
  • Support for multi-data/multi-view, multi-channel, time series, large data
  • Scaling, calibration, conversion, re-sampling
  • Image enhancement, comprehensive filtering and convolution, Fourier frequency transforms
  • Image alignment , registration, arithmetic, correlation, fusion
Image segmentation and feature extraction
  • Thresholding and auto-segmentation, object separation, automatic labeling
  • Region growing, snakes, interpolation, wrapping, smoothing
  • Morphological processing including watershed, basins
  • 3D surface reconstruction and tetrahedral grid generation
  • Skeletonization
3D data exploration
  • Intuitive and high-performance 3D interaction
  • Direct volume visualization
  • Automatic or interactive segmentation
  • 3D geometry reconstruction
  • 3D registration, warping, comparison mapping
  • Orthogonal, oblique, cylindrical, and curved slicing
  • Contouring and iso-surface extraction
  • Support for crystallography and molecular data
Quantification and analysis
  • Over 70 built-in measurements, including number counts, volumes, areas, perimeters, aspect ratios, and orientations
  • User-defined measures
  • Results viewer with spreadsheet tool and charting
  • Automatic individual feature measurements, 3D localization, and spreadsheet selection
  • Automated statistics, distributions graphs
  • Feature filtering using any measurement criterion
  • Geometry registration, measurements and comparison
  • Matlab® bridge
  • Pre- and post-processing for structural and flow simulations
  • Flexible workflow, automation, TCL scripting for interactive or batch routine tasks
Presentation, sharing and reporting
  • Mix images, geometric models, measurements, and simulations
  • Annotations, measures legends, histograms, and curves plots
  • Advanced key frame and object animation
  • Export spreadsheets, 3D models, images, and movies
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Project review in immersive theaters is also possible using the XScreen eXtension which provides scalability on clusters and VR systems support.

Image-to-simulation workflows:

  • 3D image-based meshing for Finite Element and CFD simulations, export to FEA/CFD solvers* and advanced post-processing of simulation results* (*with Avizo Wind).
  • Porosity/pore connectivity analysis and skeletonization for Pore Network Modeling.
  • Direct 3D image-based simulation: absolute permeability, molecular diffusivity, electrical resistivity, and thermal conductivity computation with Avizo XLab.

Visualize to understand materials science data
  • Avizo® Fire provides advanced 3D visualization and state-of-the-art quantification capabilities to researchers and engineers, who require great insight into complex materials structures.
  • Thanks to its advanced graphics capabilities, Avizo Fire enables material scientists to see the invisible, to understand and to present their data.
Import your 2D data to visualize in 3D
  • Avizo® Fire allows the import and fusion of 2D and 3D data from multiple sources, enabling easy integration of Avizo® into data analysis workflows.
  • High-end interactive visualization techniques, including state-of-the-art volume rendering, gives insight into the details of structure properties on full 3D microstructures, from desktop computers to collaborative and immersive visualization environments.
Get advanced qualitative and quantitative information from 3D images
  • Get extensive quantitative information from image data for characterizing and analyzing features, such as phases, grains, particles, pores, fractures, cracks, and de-lamination, at any scale.
  • Measure properties of individual feature elements extracted from the image and synthesized statistics, including counts, distributions, areas, volumes, and orientations.
  • Benefit from advanced query, plotting and export capabilities through the built-in spreadsheet tool or external applications such as MS Excel® or Matlab®.
Increase understanding of complex materials strutures
  • Perform advanced image processing, visualization, image analysis and quantification to understand your data. Quantify and analyze properties of different phases in a material, such as porosity, permeability, wettability...
  • Avizo Fire Edition provides a comprehensive feature set and workflow to explore the invisible and understand the internal structure and evolution of complex materials strutures.
Improve collaboration and presentation of your results
  • Avizo® provides perfect tools to add annotations, measures legends, histograms, to create high-quality presentations, animations, automated scripts, to Generate mono/stereo movies.