Avizo® Earth

The 3D Analysis Software for Geosciences and Oil & Gas

Avizo Earth is the software for interactive exploration, visualization, analysis, comparison, and presentation of geosciences data. This 3D visualization application framework is the ideal solution, allowing you to import, manage, interact with, and visualize geosciences data from multiple sources within a single environment.

Powerful visualization
  • Advanced Seismic Visualization by interactive investigation using inline, crossline, time slices, oblique slice, fence slice (random slice); slice animation to identify hidden features.
  • Horizon Visualization and QC using time-depth colormap.
  • 2D/3D grid visualization in one application handles structured, unstructured, polygonal datasets for horizons, reservoir characterization, velocity modeling, and drilling representations.
  • Interactive Region of Interest, with progressive image quality during 3D navigation. Animated slices to identify hidden features.
  • On-the-fly computation and visualization of attributes and filters.
  • Advanced Colormap Editor to interactively change your colomap transparency curve on the fly; several ready-to-use colormaps for instantaneous attributes, velocity and other geoscience data.
Data management
  • Reads data from numerous sources, including SEG-Y, CPS3, and IESX file formats, LAS.
  • Readers for Horizons, Fault Sticks, and Fault Surfaces.
  • Ultimate Memory Management Technology to interactively explore out-of-the-core datasets.
  • Versatile Data Management Capabilities through SEG-Y wizard and user-defined readers through custom imports.
  • Data Query from Seismic Volumes using PointProbe, LineProbe, SplineProbe.
  • GeoBody Segmentation through Avizo’s advanced segmentation editor.
  • Faster interactive data loading, even on low-end machines.
  • Ultimate volume visualization technology for extremely large datasets (greater than several TB).
  • Loads and manages multiple datasets to create comparison representations.
Customize Avizo by expanding it
  • Avizo’s expandability makes it an ideal open framework for research centers and consulting organizations that need software customization to address their specific application areas.
  • Use the XPand extension to create new custom components for Avizo, such as file readers and writers. Integrate custom computation modules, and even new visualization modules, making Avizo a perfect tool for meeting your specific requirements.
  • Automates standard operations to save time and provide a consistent workflow.
Presentation and collaboration
  • Multi-discipline, multi viewer project review: visualize seismic volumes, wells, horizons, faults and reservoir in a single 3D environment, and manage your exploration using a dedicated project tree view.
  • Outputs high-quality images and animations for presentations. Professional project presentations using a large set of tools for project presentation: DemoMaker, CameraPath, MovieMaker, 3D Annotation, Virtual Trackball, and High-Resolution Snapshots, and more.
  • Project review in immersive theaters is also possible using the XScreen eXtension which provides scalability on clusters and VR systems support.

Visualize to understand geosciences and oil & gas data
  • Avizo integrates in the full spectrum of visual applications, including seismic data QC, pre-processing, and interpretation, reservoir modeling, characterization, and simulation, drilling planning, flow simulation, and engineering, 3D petrography, and borehole imaging and engineering design, training, and simulation.
On-demand information
  • Access and visualize all your digital information.
  • Interactively explore very large data volumes – even out-of-the-core
  • Manage multi-modality datasets, seismic data volumes, 3D imaging, flow simulation, 3D grids, and SEG-Y files.
On-demand performance
  • Scalable performance from desktop to cluster configurations
  • State-of-the-art visualization simplifying the complex to improve efficiency.
  • Extensible architecture that lets you develop new modules and integrate unique computational modules.
Cost-effective collaboration
  • Integrate data from multiple sources into a single environment.
  • Deploy a cost-effective multi-purpose 3D project viewer.
  • Visualize and compare migration results.
  • Perform visual control of the interpretation process.
  • Present your seismic project results on laptops to VR systems.
  • Share your project review between geographically dispersed users.