Amira Virtual Reality Option

For Collaborative and Immersive VR

The Amira VR Option enables advanced data visualization and analysis with large tiled displays as well as immersive VR configurations like CAVEs. The VR Option supports efficient multi-threaded rendering on multi-pipe systems and distributed rendering on cluster systems at optimal performance with minimal bandwidth requirements. It also supports active or passive stereo, edge blending, head tracking, 3D interaction for using Amira capabilities with a true immersive experience.


Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, Linux

Explore Your Data in Virtual Reality

With its unique set of features this Option represents Virtual Reality ready
application for scientific and medical visualization in immersive environments.

  • Full immersive 3D interaction
  • Support for single and multiple screens
  • Support for single and multi-pipe and for graphic clusters
  • Flexible customization for specific display geometry
  • Head-tracking and tracked hand-held 3D input devices
  • Control functionality via user interface
  • Control of 2D user interfaces with 3D devices (virtual mouse)