Amira Very Large Data Option

Option for very large data

The Very Large Data Option allows Amira to deal with large data sets that exceed the available main memory, e.g., on computers with only a small amount of RAM or when using a 32-bit operating system. Using volumes of interest and multi-resolution technology, the Very Large Data Option overcomes these limitations and allows interactive visualization and processing of large data volumes. Depending on the available resources, this option allows exploration of image volumes greater than 8 GB, and has been successfully tested with data sets larger than 300 GB.


Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, Mac OS, Linux

Work with data larger than 8GB

With the tools offered in this option, the user can explore portions or the
whole data set volume. To optimize the computational efficiency, the loading
process is driven by the visualization needs and the image quality is
refined according to available resources.

  • Fast disk access to sub-regions
  • Interactive navigation
  • Data load driven by visualization needs
  • From disk to RAM, from RAM to GPU
  • Optimal image quality based on available hardwareresources
  • Automatic refinement of displayed images
  • Import/export based on native file format
Amira Very Large Data File Formats

LDA VolumeViz native file format