Amira Quantification+ Option

Advanced quantitative information

The Quantification+ Option delivers high-level tools for obtaining and visualizing advanced quantitative information on 3D images. This option offers the whole range of software tools needed to perform automated segmentation, convolution, object separation, and to extract statistical and geometrical information.


Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit

Quantify the Volume

The Quantification+ Option provides the user with advanced additional
tools for volume analysis which can be used together with the 3D visualization,
analysis and geometry reconstruction capabilities of Amira.

  • Interactive and automatic thresholding
  • Interactive and automatic labeling
  • Equalization, standardization, and look-up table modification
  • Arithmetic and linear combination
  • Logical operation
  • Erosion and dilatation
  • Fill holes and remove edges
  • Distance, maxima and local minima computation
  • Watershed algorithm for labeling
  • Thinning, thickening, and geodetic propagation
  • Workflow for object separation
  • Geometric measurements
  • Radiometric measurements
  • Complex filtering