Amira Mesh Option

Adds tools for the generation of 3D FEM

The Mesh Option offers advanced features for scientists working with complex surface analysis, volume reconstruction using tetrahedral grids, vector field visualization, and complex tensor computation. This package is designed especially for Finite Element Modeling (FEM), for computational analysis of 3D regular fields, brain science, and 3D fluid dynamics simulations.
Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, Mac OS, Linux

Analyze and Evaluate Grids
After loading your CT or MRI data, mesh the volume with an optimized 3D grid, assign material properties and boundary conditions. Export the result to an external FEM application to perform simulations and import the output back into Amira to visualize it.
  • Tetrahedral and hexahedral grid visualization
  • Tetrahedral grid generation
  • Grid analysis and refinement
  • Grid parameterization
  • Conversion from Tetra to Hexa grids and vice versa
  • Boundary condition visualization
  • Tensor computation
  • Tensor visualization
  • Out-of-core tensor computation
    Analyze and Visualize Vector Fields

    With applications in fluid dynamics, biomechanics, molecular simulation, and
    biomedicine, Amira´s vector field visualization offers high performance and
    quality in representing simulation outputs or experimental 3D data sets.

    • Standard vector visualization
    • Planar and Surface LIC (line integral convolution)
    • Animated illuminated streamline visualization
    • Animated cone plot visualization
    • Ribbon visualization
    • Stream surface
    • ROI selection
    • Vector probe
    • Tetrahedral vector grid
    Amira Mesh File Formats

    Abaqus stores geometry and data values of unstructured grids
    AVS Field stores data defined on a regular grid
    AVS UCD Format stores unstructured cell data
    FIDAP NEUTRAL stores FEM meshes and solution data
    Fluent-UNS contains FEM meshes, boundary ids, solution data
    Hypermesh used by Altair HyperWorks FEM software
    IDEAS universal format describes FEM grids and simulation data
    Plot 3D Single Structured stores curvilinear grids and associated data